Name's Caroline, I'm an 18 year old art student attending SCAD. Feel free to ask me anything, I'm a really very approachable person.
made in fandom


Shoutout to all the artists on Tumblr who work on something for weeks and only get 4 notes

Shoutout to all the artists on Youtube who do amazing speedpaints and, if they’re lucky, will get 500 views

Shoutout to all underappreciated artists who do amazing work and receive no recognition

Draw yourself in the Gravity Falls style! :D

I definitely didn’t use this request as an excuse to marathon Gravity Falls… *cough cough*


I kinda want to do this- this looks like fun!
Sailor Venus!
I might post a cleaner version later.  
The Clayr || Abhorsen (1 of 3)
The first of 3 in a set of graphics I’m making for the Old Kingdom series.  
I’m trying out some new techniques, and this turned out fairly well.  
Shadow of the Colossus
Lots of references were used.  
Kyoko Sakura